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The History of Ireland podcast is put together by Kevin Dolan. That's me! I'm not a historian, but rather just a bit of a history nerd who realised I didn't know nearly enough about my home country's history.

I'm currently living in Australia* and I had lots of people asking me questions about Ireland. Why is it Northern Ireland and the Republic? Why is there a border? Why is Brexit a big deal? Basically what’s going on there? Initially I thought it was a little ignorant, but then I realised that I also only had a vague idea of what had caused it all.

So, I ended up going down a bit of a rabbit hole, studying and reading anything I could about the founding of the Irish State. From there, I started telling anyone who would listen about the fascinating stories from the time.

While down the rabbit hole, I started looking for Irish history podcasts, and unfortunately couldn't find a single one that chronicled the War of Independence. So rather than continuing to corner people at parties, I decided to start my own in the style of the awesome History of Rome podcast. And that's how we got here.

*This is my excuse for the diminished brogue, the odd Australianism that sneaks in, and the odd sentence that goes up in pitch at the end. Tá brón orm.


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